A mysterious group calling itself The Turnkey Court bring news of treasonous murders conducted by Isaac Hulce. Investigation shows truth in the accusations and a confession is given to all present at the Montol celebrations. Isaac Hulce is executed for his crimes, as he claims he did was was needed by the realm.

Chester sees further attacks from those afflicted with the curse of cannibalism, but they are held off.

Across the Heartlands and Southlands the word of a great war of Chaos comes and all are encouraged to stand behind a champion of chaos. Mordred seeks to turn Harts to his cause, while the Hunter demands that any that call themselves his declare for the Great Horned Rat.

At the first moot the Harts are set a quest to discover an item of great power, and return with the Crown of Arthur which is instrumental in identifying Wyndrake Winterheart as Arthur’s heir. Following his coronation King Wyndrake takes Breanna Felbourne as his queen and dissolves his council to start afresh.

A new quest begins at the second Moot as studies into the tea preferences of knights of old reveals much information on heraldry, drinks preferences, and the details of Arthur’s round table and how it was separated into parts to be kept safe. The Harts pledge to find and reunite these pieces.

Over summer the Harts, along with the Dragons, the Unicorns, and the Incantors, gather at the Heart of Britannia where they disrupt a meeting of their many enemies who were attempting to forge a cooperation.

Unicorns and Harts see bloodshed as a war is declared due to the machinations of enemy forces. The terms agree mark prominent members of each faction as targets and Artemis Nightkin is slain in response, a move that causes waves as the deed is performed in the neutral guild areas. As the war is brought to a close the Harts lend their might to the forces standing against Bedlam in efforts to return the corrupt Ancestor to its homeland.

The Chaos War is resolved on a magical battlefield with Harts standing behind all four opponents. Golgomoth is triumphant and warnings are sent regarding the effect like on the egg in the aftermath. The fae are to be directly affected, and there is warning that Milford Cathedral will be destroyed as a greath flood of faith flows through it. This prediction is realised while the Harts are dealing with relieving an elf lord of a gem instrumental in building a fae weapon. The Cathedral and circle are destroyed, taking out the majority of Albion’s transport network. The Watchers begin to bring circles back up over the winter.

Those of faith express concerns over the wellbeing of an old Ancestor, The Fisher King.