Aaron Cooper

Position: High Ranger of Albion
Group: Company of the Black Boar
Barony: Norhault
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human
Died in the battle of Dunwich Vale, bravely fighting a doomed rearguard action against unending waves of goblins.

Aaron was born to Katharin Jacobs, a maidservant in the employ of Henry Audeley’s wife. Aaron took the surname Cooper after a professional soldier by the name of Richard Cooper who was known to be visiting Katharin around the time of his conception. Aaron was brought up within the household of House Audeley, and when Henry Audeley moved his entire household to Italia, Aaron went well. Henry Audeley never openly showed any approval of Aaron, and regularly complained that he was a bad influence on his sons.

As soon as he was old enough to beat a drum, Aaron was taken on campaign with Captain Audeley, he was granted no favour, rather it was thought that it was better to take him away from the household. Aaron was in the first group of people allowed to swear the oath to The Company, although he was only fourteen at the time. Captain Audeley had fallen, and a mercenary on the other side was about to gut him with his axe when Aaron thrust the Company Colours through the neck of the axe man.

Aaron was flogged and fined three months wages for the disrespect to The Company Colours, although he won the respect of his fellows and Aaron earnt his first promotion when Sergeant Hawkins fell in Italija, and Aaron took his place, leading a spearhead that broke the opposing line. This was the say day when Henry Audeley fell, and Aaron regrets this day more than any.

Aaron has held the position of High Ranger of Albion, and when the Company left the service of the Albion Military, Aaron led them as Captain of the Condotieri unit. Now back in Albion, Aaron leads the Company since the Baron of Norholt is not allowed to excerpt any official control over them.

Piers is virtually the only person who calls Aaron by his first name – and even then only in private. In public he will refer to him as “Captain”, or “Mr Cooper”. The members of the unit tend to call him “Captain”, or more commonly, “Coop”.