Acoras Drake

Group: The Hunters
Race: Human
Presumed dead after disappearing at the Great Erdrejan Fayre


Gaeldred of the Glade, The Hunters.

When I was asked to write the obituary for Acoras Drake, I felt somewhat stuck for words.
I’d never written one before and so wasn’t sure what to say or where to start and also,
was I really the right man to do this? After all I hadn’t known him very long. I considered
this long and hard and decided that it was the least I could do for a fellow hunter. So allow
me to tell you a little about the man I knew as Acoras Drake or Drake as he was more
commonly known.

Drake wasn’t always a Hunter or even a Hart. In fact Drake had only been bloodied into
the Hunters mere hours before his disappearance and i must admit that my first opinion
of the man was not a good one I am ashamed to admit. I had witnessed incidents that at
times had I not been busy in battle I would have drawn my blade against him. I had seen
Drake in our battle with the Vipers, with Harts on the ground, approached by the enemy
and lower his sword. Raising no resistance. This act of cowardice infuriated me, what
right did he have to stand on the battlefield shoulder to shoulder with fellow Harts and my
brothers the Hunters and let them down? However later on in the same battle I witnessed
Drake, both his weapons shattered, running into the thick of the battle, pulling the injured
out, healing them and diving back in. This contradictory behaviour puzzled me and so
after the battle I sought Drake out and confronted him. The man I found was as much a
puzzle as what I had witnessed. Armed as he was from battle Drake portrayed an air of
confidence and despite my challenge never drew his weapon once but from the look in his
eyes I could see him ready to. I found myself liking him this conundrum of a man and as
the evening wore on we shared some mead and I found out about the man Drake.
Little is known about Drake’s childhood as he spoke very little about it. On the rare
occasions it was discussed I felt it was something he had drawn a line under a long time
ago. However I do know that Drake was orphaned at a very early age and was raised
travelling from town to town by, in his own words “an old warrior”. But from which town or
country Drake originated I know not. There were times I wondered if even Drake knew that
answer, it would certainly explain his early life of endless wandering if not.
Drake told me of his time with the Bears and with his friendships within the Clan Mctart
where he held a small rank and I would like to take this opportunity to express my regrets
to those members of the Clan Mctart. I did try to see their representatives at the Great
Edrejan Fayre when Drake disappeared but unfortunately was unsuccessful. I know Drake
felt close to the Clan and had spent a long time deliberating on his decision to join the

I learnt of Drakes time with the Clan Mctart travelling among the factions, staying with
the Wolves, Lions and other factions and i asked him how he handled fighting with so
many different factions? I’ll never forget that moment. Drake looked me in the eye and said
simply “Right is right. Politics is nothing compared to the bonds of blood and friendship.”
And I thought back to that moment on the battlefield and realised something I hadn’t
noticed at the time. Drake was standing over a Hart at the time and though he lowered his
weapons he neither relinquished them nor his position over the fallen Hart, but argued with
the approaching Vipers one of which was arguing back with his own weapon lowered. At
that moment I realised the truth of what I had witnessed. In the middle of a battle where
Harts were being targeted and killed, Drake fought not only for the Harts but also for his
own beliefs, facing off against a friend out for blood. I knew then that Drake was a hunter
at heart if not in name and suggested he consider approaching Lazarus, head of House
Hunter. Drake said he would consider this and said no more and when we parted I’m
pleased to say it was as friends.

After that night we met frequently over the months when he wasn’t travelling. The
wanderlust still held him but Albion now had his heart and he would return here often. We
shared many stories in our time together and i learnt of Drakes involvement in the attempt
to save Gabriel Bathroy. The pain in his face was obvious as he recounted the events of
that night and his inability as a healer to be able to save the life of the Lord Regent. He
had previously mentioned his pride at protecting Lady Caroline in battle and I think he felt
he inability to save the Lord Regent was letting her down.

Last year Drake told me of the call for diplomats and of his decision to offer his services.
I admit to having my reservations. I knew Drakes views regarding politics and the truth
and after a couple of months Drake resigned struggling to maintain his duties with the
wanderlust taking hold again and I can’t help but wonder whether he struggled with the
politics of his role.

It was with a glad heart that I arrived at the Great Edrejan Fayre to hear that Drake had
indeed spoken to Lazarus and requested to join the Hunters. I listened proudly as I heard
of how he put his case before Lazarus. I knew that for Drake to make that decision, he had
finally found his place and the pack would be stronger because of it.

As the day grew old I looked for Drake with no luck. I’d like to believe that the wanderlust
had taken hold again and that months from now I’ll find my friend in a tavern with a tankard
asking me what kept me. But I know that when the wild hunt is called I’ll run with my friend
again and woe betide anyone who stands against us.