Albion’s Daughter

(Corona Corvinae/Anna Clifford-Tait)

I loved a man once he was my Lord
But fear and deception divided
No longer to travel right there by my side
But left he another to guide me

Knight of my heart, guard of my life
Carry me over the water
I cannot live as another man’s wife
I can’t be Albions’ daughter

My King he loved me I’m sure that it’s true
But honour and duty they bound him
This land was his first love, I could not compare
I could not be all that he needed

Long years and weary I waited for him
With only his champion to save me
Our friendship grew stronger though chaste was our love
Till I could no longer stay silent

My gentle companion the best of all men
Would not hear a word said against me
Though evil and hatred would fester and spread
Our friendship stayed pure and untainted

No more could I live in the shadow of doubt
No more could I let my heart suffer
My noble companion was there by my side
He carried me over the water

Rehearsal performance by Anna Clifford-Tait: