April 1106

At the request of Governess Rozewyn Pervaine, many Harts travelled to Cornwall to speak about unity between Albion and Cornwall.  Rozewyn insisted that the Harts participate in games in friendship before the negotiations would start.

 At the end of arduous negotiations, it was agreed that Morgaine, the daughter of Leri Penhaligan, would be betrothed to Edward Pendragon – uniting the bloodlines of Albion and Cornwall forever.  Rozewyn was stripped of her military rank but placed on the Royal Council as the protector of Morgaine until she came of age.

During this time the Ancestors of Albion arrived to inform their followers that they should meet before the Cataclysm in the Mists of Albion to look within their hearts and choose three ancestors that would become the Trinity of Albion – three ancestors before any others.

October 1105

In an expedition to Trell, the Harts recover the fabled "Banner of Kings" and bind it to the young King Edward. To do so means confronting hte unliving pattern the legendary knight – Sir Galahad. The brave knight to whom King Arthur I had gifted the Banner of Kings had become corrupt and is eventually slain and his pattern laid to rest. Sir Galahad is rumoured to be the father of the Lord Regent; Sagramor.

A marriage between Thomas Farenden and Alisha Karlennon is attacked by unliving. Thomas Farenden is slain and a strange demon-like creature is thought to have kidnapped Aisha Karlennon. He was seen appearing in the Londinium circle with her before they made their escape.