Arthur Crowley-Otori

Group: Crows of Albion
Duchy: York
Race: Halfling
Transported away unwillingly from the battlefield during the first moot of 1114


To us he was known just as Crowley. To many he was a quiet unassuming Halfling, however I knew him as someone who would gladly throw himself into battle and who on many occasions volunteered to shadow me as an additional and very able bodyguard, for which I am eternally grateful.

He fought valiantly in the main battle on the day he died, lured into a transport circle and taken from us without trace. A tragic way to go and with no way for us to trace you or to retrieve you we cannot lay you to rest. You will be missed.

We mourn your loss and our prayers are with you my brave little Halfling.

Ma Crow,
Commander of The Crows of Albion