Resides: Gloucester
Race: Umbral
Baldemar was an ancient Albione human, a blacksmith of such renown for creating swords which could cut through any material that Wayland himself took notice. Villagers looked in awe as Baldemar felt a light brighter than any forge he had seen and lifted him, bodily, into the sky to serve Wayland at his forge. After impressing Wayland so, he rewarded Baldemar by sending him back to Erdreja in immortal form, so that he may spread his ancestor’s work back to its people.

At least, that’s what the creature who uses that name believes. The truth is a little more foggy.

What is known is that a creature appeared more or less out of nowhere, wearing the colours of Wayland branded into his face more strongly than any tattoo could manage, dressed in the platemail of a knight and with very little knowledge, other than myths, of how he came to this place. To him, Erdreja is foreign land, Albion merely the name of one of his master’s swords.

The best guess of the priests Baldemar was sent to after being discovered is that he is the result of an ancestral possession gone wrong – Barlowe Feldemar, a blacksmith, went missing at around the same time this creature arrived, and the human’s faith in the Lord of Smiths was fairly well-known. Somehow, they theorize, he performed some kind of ritual or prayer to Wayland, and instead of his pattern changing into an ancestral creature, or one such creature inhabiting his body, the patterns merged, forming something which was neither human nor ancestral.

Whatever Baldemar is, he pledged his swords to those who would need them, and his wandering feet and friendly, if quaint and overstated, words are usually appreciated – with the troubles in recent Albion, though, the sound of his plate clanking out of a transport circle is more welcomed because of his skills in ‘fixing’ armour, shields and people alike.