Ballad of Lord Falcon

(Beatrice Wychwood / Madelaine Falcon)

Lord Falcon was born of the noblest of lines
Descended from Cathol above
But even the noblest, it seems, may be humbled
By the pure aching power of love
For the Lady Madelaine he fell
A noble but not of true birth
Their marriage was made and their love made complete
And stars smiled down on the earth

Falcon, O Falcon, O where do you fly
Surrounded by foes on every side
Lightning it flashes and thunder it growls
But the Falcon flies on t’ward blue skies

But all too soon a cloud it arrived
Threatening storms yet to come
Jealousy stronger than ties of blood
May yet soon force them from their home
Defending his love in honour and trust
This noble bird is betrayed
Enemies like hawks surround and then strike
But the joker’s about to be played

For Falcon he knows of another way out
Slipping past foes like shadow
Out of their grasp he flies straight, swift and true
Taking wing o’er vale and meadow
With his loyal friends and his true love thus saved
This Lord braves a yet older foe
His enemies’ foe may yet prove a friend
His birthland a friendlier home

(instrumental 4 lines)
Fly then Lord Falcon to old Albion
We wish you all Cathol’s sweet grace
May you find peace and may your tired wings
At last find a safe resting place

Rehearsal performance by Anna Clifford-Tait