Bleys Karlennon

Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga

Barony: Castleford
County: Ellenbrooke
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Human

Karlennon was born Bellisimo ‘de Medici’ Karlennon
on Sicilija. His Mother Franscesca was a priestess
of one of the Sicliljan ancestors, his father
Eric Karlennon was captain of a trading vessel
and a notable rogue of the family.

His half-brother Gerrard was executed by Story
Fae during the occupation of Winchester and his
mother dissapeared during the second attempt by
Katarina ‘de Medici’ to take over Siclilija. His
father went missing many years ago possibly due
to the fact he was cheating on his wife.

Some debate regards his status on the Island,
until recently nobody had really heard of him
although it is apparent that he has many friends
in low places.

Bleys was smuggled out of Siclija to flee his
aunt disguised as a beastkin by the Company Of
The Blackened Staff just before the Battle Of
Dunwich Vale. There for the first time he met
his Albione relatives – at that point Pheonix

He is a sorcerer of reasonable power and was
tutored in his youth by the great Maestro Sartori
himself, indeed he was said to be a favoured pupil.
Since arriving in Albion he has taken an apprenticeship
under Tristan Hroc in the hope of becoming a Maestro

Later that year he joined the Ordo Hwyt Draga
along with Martin, Diedre and Osric Karlennon.

Gentleman’s Register,