Cal Poll

Position: Lord Provost of Albion, Earl of Carlisle
Group: Field Hospital
Barony: Havoc
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human
Killed in Cornwall

It is understood that Cal spent his formative hears working in a barber-surgeon’s establishment in eastern Londinium. It was there that the met a gentleman called Hak Foo, and despite an initial disagreement over a loaf of bread, they became good friends, and managed to earn a decent living offering medical services to the poor unfortunates that frequented the area.

Cal’s first recorded appearance amongst the upper echelons of Albione society is somewhat unexplained. He arrived at Dunwich Vale in the spring of 1104 apparently quite by accident although unsubstantiated rumours allude to a disagreement with Hak Foo which resulted in Cal being transported to the area.

Cal was instrumental in rescuing Duchess Madelaine Falcon from Dunwich Vale, and as a token of her gratitude he was allowed to reside in Warwick Castle where he formed a unit known as the Field Hospital. He also served as personal physician to High Mage Jasmine Daisybreeze during his time there.

At the Gathering of Nations in 1104, Cal and Hak Foo put old differences aside and carried on the work of the Field Hospital. The unit gained a reputation as fast and effective combat healers. Over the next couple of years, Cal and his group provided valuable assistance on many campaign missions, and donations to the Hospital flooded in.

In the summer of 1106, Cal accepted the position of Lord Provost and Earl of Carlisle. He was wed to Yuxonomeii of The Hunters by Duchess Madelaine Falcon, notably assisted by Lady Georgiana Hulce-Steiner who acted as best ‘man’. This was a cause for much celebration, as it coincided with the time of Choosing of the Trinity, where Cal had successfully led the mission into the Mists.

Sadly, shortly after being made Baron of Naseby, Hak Foo was slain at the time of the Cataclysm. Despite the loss of his closest friend, Cal has vowed to carry on the work of the Field Hospital at a time where its services are needed more than ever.

Burke’s Peerage
Summer 1105