Caleb Fitzmortimer

Group: House Mortimer
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human
Killed in Telluria on Socuts Guild mission.

Caleb is the Natural born son of Lord Francis Mortimer and Constance Reeve, the daughter of Berwick’s castellan. Lord Mortimer recognised Caleb as his bastard offspring as at the time he had been married to Lady Jane for 3 years and they had yet to produce an heir.

As a child Caleb showed an aptitude for the arcane and so Lord Mortimer deemed it appropriate for Caleb to be trained to harness this power. Caleb was also educated alongside both his siblings and the householders in matters pertaining to the running of the house. This was a political decision designed to keep Caleb loyal to the house and to make him of use when he came of age. When the opportunity arose Caleb would escape the confines of the manor and run with the poorer children of the town. This gave Caleb a different insight and an education that is not becoming a noble child.

Caleb harbours no jealousy towards his brother as he has seen how heavy the responsibility lies in running the house since the end of the civil war. Lord Robert uses Caleb as an ally in the politics of Albion and has used his alternate education to the benefit of the House.

Burke’s Peerage
Spring 1107