Cap’n Magdellon Ironhoof

capnGroup: Crows of Albion
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Beastkin
Cap’n is presumed dead after failing to return from the Montol celebrations

Crows of Albion Ritualist, “Liason Officer” and Third Division Commander.

Captain of the Capital Ship – The “Ars Moriendi”

Hailing from the Duchy of Cornwall, Cap’n Magdellon Ironhoof, fifth Commander of the Crows of Albion Free-Company, joined the organisation in 1109 following an illustrious career as Captain of the Ars Moriendi, travelling the world trading and assisting many current members of the Crows of Albion.

Though it was only in 1110 when Cap’n finally joined the Crows of Albion at Court, he quickly made a name for himself, swearing to stand-by and uphold the forces of Law across Erdreja, as well as laying his life on the line in trying to save the life of the Lord Regent Gabriel Bathroy in the Wellspring of Chaos. Though he was unsuccessful, the failure pushed Cap’n to further success, as he subsequently was promoted to the rank of High Ritualist within the Harts.
Following this, Cap’n went onto assist in a great deal of events across Erdreja – it was he and the Crows of Albion that first encountered the Nightmare Lord as he emerged through the Nosta Kar Gate at Rainbows End, and it was he who assisted in the rites necessary to empower the Swords of Waylund against Morgana and her twisted phylactery. It is perhaps fitting that Cap’n’s final act before his mysterious disappearance was to assist in the realigning the balance of Light and Dark Incantation in the Tree of Incantation and assisting in the empowerment of the High Seat of the Incantor’s Guild, for if there was one thing Cap’n had in abundance was faith in the Court and in the Crows.

It is said that in his final days before he went missing that Cap’n was a changed man, having lost so much to the war in Milford, and in ensuring that the duty of the Ancestors was fulfilled in Ustica, where following his mission he found a rekindled sense of spirit serving under the Doomed Prince. It is believed that he stood down at Montol, as Commander of the Crows of Albion, to once again travel the world and help those Crows no longer based in AlbionÂ…

Cap’n Magdellon Ironhoof, following his disappearance is succeeded by his second child, Altariel, of the Reapers and child of the Hunter (his first progeny, Shio Ichihara – the Bloody Handed Champion of Nethras being deceased) as well as his two apprentices – Elusive Daykin and Artemis Nightkin. He leaves behind him, a military company forever changed – its view looking ever outward to the threats that lie beyond Albion’s shores, and to the allies and monsters that lie in the darkest void. He will always be remembered as a pioneering Commander, a dedicated benefactor and above all else a true friend to many.

– Gideon, Crows of Albion Archivist, writing for the ‘Book of the Crows Version IV’ in the final days of the 12th month of 1112


Artemis Nightkin

Cap’n never returned from Montol and thus I never got to thank him for saving my life. We might never have gotten quite along, but towards the end I got to realize how much he cared about each and every Crows life. I saw him cry for Shio as he lost his firstborn ritual child and I cry myself now as I have lost my ritual mentor and dare I say friend.

In the end you were a decent man in a large hat.

Your faithful student,
Artemis Nightkin

Merlon Barliansson, Captain of the York Battalion, Crows of Albion

Cap’n was my friend for a long time, but I know I can say without bias that he was a rare person, almost peerless in his skills within the Ritual Circle, he earned fame, but not fortune, swiftly after our initial entrance to Court.

He always threw himself into everything he did, hence his name spreading quickly, something which also stood him in good stead as the Commander of the Crows of Albion. While I must admit his job as High Ritualist of Albion often had him disappearing to deal with copious amounts of paperwork, I knew he could always be counted on to come to the right decision on any matter, displaying levels of knowledge, care and level-headedness I could only dream of reaching, and both the Crows of Albion, and the Court of Albion have lost someone the likes of which we shall never see again, and are that much worse off without him.

His pattern will live on in his creations, and in the Crows, I only hope we can do him proud.