Cara Corvidae

Resides: Pendrinn, Exeter, Cornwall
Race: Human
Position: Countess of Exeter
Group: The 42nd

Cara has not always known she was of House Corvidae, but was made aware of her who her real mother was when she came of age.

Having grown up in Cornwall with a trader family it came as a shock to find that Corona Corvinae was in fact her mother and she had hidden Cara away to protect her from a sadistic demon.

She was always more comfortable in the company of her male friends and she now finds being a feminine noble difficult.

Since coming to terms with this twist in her life Cara has had to deal with more turmoil in her family with nearly all of them going into hiding and the rest refusing the family name. Taking this into account, it’s understandable that Cara doesn’t like lies and she tries to never knowingly tell a lie to anyone. ‘The truth hurts’ is one thing she often says. Because of this she weilds the Sword of Truth, Orias.

Cara spent a long time trying to help Cornwall and while working in Cornwall she found The 42nd in prison. Before Corona left she let The 42nd out and put them under Cara’s command to earn a pardon. When Lucien became Duke of Cornwall he made Cara Countess of Exeter to give her the authority to do more good for the Duchy with The 42nd’s help.

Through all of this Cara has been a strong follower of the Hunter and she incants in his name. She as always sought out knowledge and would always try to learn more about her foe before the hunt began and she has always seen learning who you really are and what your capable of the same as learning about a foe. Because of this she has been given the bite of the Werewolf to better understand her nature and increase her understanding of the Hunter and his ways.