Carmyna Whitefire

Carmyna Whitefire is the youngest daughter of Derval Ambersmith (Mother) and Benen Whitefire (Father).

For many generations they have been called the Whitefires for their ability to work with metals at extreme temperatures, the light of which reflects in their pure blonde hair giving them a strange, almost unearthly appearance. Carmyna often wondered what their true family name was, but no one seems to know as it went back so far.

The family originated from Borthawr, however in 1110 when the problems within Dragons lands made it impossible to stay they sought refuge in Albion, along with many others. The Albiones welcomed these refugees into their homes offering them food and shelter and, like many others, Carmyna’s father supplied them with skilfully crafted weapons and armour in return.

Carmyna, determined to keep the Whitefire tradition of working the forge alive, had already set about learning as much as she could.  However, she had also showed great interest and aptitude in magecraft, something that disturbed her father deeply.  Despite his protests, she remained stubborn and single minded in her requirements and continued with her studies and practices, determined to master her skills to the full.  She was keen and eager to learn, also finding a fascination in Rune craft, something that could be applied to all her skills.

One day, whilst delivering armour and weapons for her father, she heard about the Court of Queen Eloise.  Eager to further her knowledge/training, to travel the lands and to meet more of her kind, Carmyna determined that this would be her best way forward and towards the end of 1111, Carmyna said farewell to her family for the time being and began her journey out into Albion.

Her travels took her far and wide, meeting and helping many on her way.  In 1115, one of these contacts placed her within The Crows of Albion Free Military Company and it was through them that she was to come to join the Court she had heard so much about.

Shortly after  joining the Court, she became Crow liaison to the Ironfist Expeditionary Force, with whom she had become friends, thereby retaining links with her Dwarven heritage. Flint Stoneheart took her as apprentice runesmith,and along with becoming a member and apprentice to the Armourers Guild, Carmyna was able to further her training and continue with her desire to expand upon her skills and knowledge.