Website updates

This is a record of updates to the site. The Harts website and the Brighthelmstane Library are run entirely by volunteers. The content comes from the Command Team and the player base and contributions are always welcome. If you would like to contribute something, please take a look at the submissions page.

Profiles and timeline

Added profiles for Ector Sinclair and Althea Nanette Emmet and added three new names to the list of Albion’s fallen heroes. Details of happenings at the Gathering added to the timeline.

Added a character profile

Eddard of Pontefract’s profile was added to the listings of Keswick people and Lucan Bathroy was added to those of York.

Deceased updates

Added Altariel and Queen Eloise Hunter to the list of the dead. (Sob!)

Timeline updated

Added the (long overdue) details of events at Midsummer and also an update of the most significant events at Moot 2 to the timeline.


Updated news with detail of build and a command change. Updated contact page accordingly.

Return pack now available

The return pack for the forthcoming event, A Midsummer Knight’s Dream, have now been uploaded and can be found on the event page.


Updated the profile for Flare of the Blackened Staff, and added a new picture to it.

Post – GEF updates

The latest site updates include a new entry to the book of the fallen, some news regarding Midsummer, the next Harts event, and the command team’s new members and some extensive updates to the timeline in the wake of the Great … Continue reading

Post-moot updates

Added multiple names to the list of Harts Fallen heroes, and updated the timeline to include a precis of the moot. Updated the profile for Spud the Adventurer.

A training tool for Healers

We are now hosting a new training tool which allows players to test their healing skills and understand the effect of taking the Revive and Advanced Healing occupational skills. This is a work in progress and new iterations will be … Continue reading

New profile

Added Dagos Thorne’s profile to the people of York.

Return packs

The return pack for the latest event, Bound to Albion are now available from the event page.

Various site updates

The latest Queen’s Herald is now available in the library along with the group profiles which have been moved there from the main site. The main site has been re-arranged and made simpler to use under the hood, and the … Continue reading

Site refresh

An entire site overhaul is now in progress. Please bear with us while bugs are ironed out and missing content is restored.