Corman Falcon

Position: Earl of Chester
Position: Captain of Gloucester
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
Group: House Falcon
Barony: Hereford
County: Chester
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

Corman grew up within a merchant house that specialized in luxury goods from
across the seas. His original family name is ‘Reisbeck’ but this changed when he
married into the Falcon Household to his beloved Elizabeth.

Corman at a young age was sent to House Hulce, after an agreement was made
between the Reisbecks and House Hulce. Here he learned the arts of politics, the
sword and religion. It was here he became fast friends with Charles, the now
Duke of Keswick and William the former Lord Regent.

During his time in the Hulce Household he began receiving visions of the White
Dragon and joined into the ranks of the Ordo Hwyt Draga. After the campaign
of Bloodwood was given the honoree title of Military commander of the religious

The following months were to become fruitful for Corman in all walks of life;
career, political, spiritual and those of the heart. Through his actions he
joined the Order of the Pendragon, became Captain of Gloucester and was made
Earl of Chester. But his fondest moment was when he wed his wife Elizabeth

Corman met Elizabeth at the Fayre and since then they have been causing trouble
for all households and factions, unintentionally of course! With the Death of
the Duke of Cornwall bride to be, it wasn’t long before engagement became
marriage. With a Sicilian honeymoon now over and the thawing of winter Corman
wonder what new perils are in store for the couple this year.

Burke’s Peerage, 1107