Dagos Thorne

Group: The One Wall Caravan
Race: Human

Born in a small town named Lincoln, Dagos or Dag as he prefers to be known doesn’t often talk of his time as a child. Orphaned at a young age he survived by taking to streets and living off his wits until he was taken in by a wandering caravan and its guards. There he learnt how to fight and work like any good man or woman should and eventually fell into the profession as a caravan guard himself.

Along the way he met many people in the same situation, one in particular being Cethlam Marwick, a young man around his age. After many years on the road together they grew close, almost like brothers until the day when their paths split and they went their separate ways.

Dag continued on his travels taking on caravan work in various places around Erdreja and many years had passed when he received a missive from his old friend Cethlam. The letter asked him to come and join a new caravan formed by none other than Cethlam himself. Owing little allegiance to his current employers, Dag and a few friends he had met in the recent years set off back to the place of his birth to work alongside his old friend once more.