Dark Cloud

Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
Barony: Milford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: fae

From a conversation with Flare of the Company of the Blackened Staff.

How’d Dark Cloud join the Company? Well if you have a moment I will tell you. I was at a let’s say an informal gathering of friends around the third month of 1111 and the alcohol was being freely shared around til the night grew dark and cold. At that point I decided it was best for me to make my way home, perhaps leaving on my own was rather a silly idea as I dont remember how I ended up in the forest… or even which forest it was.

But as I was stumbling around I spotted a light not far off so I followed it, again not always the best idea but I had imbibed quite a bit. Well turned out it was Dark Cloud. The forest I was blundering about in was her home, she had been on the hunt but had been returning home when I crossed her path. She graciously guided me out of the forest and pointed me in the direction of the nearest village, and as is her impulsive way decided to come with me.

She doesnt know much of the outside world in fact she couldn’t tell me what the name of the forest she called home was, only that her and her quite large family had lived there for a long time. Though sometimes I think she knows more than she lets on.

So she joined the Company as a full member that same year and she’s taken up the responsibility of looking after the youngest Company members, so everything seems to have worked out fine, shes practically family now, and I’ll remind you of that before you get any ideas.

Now my throats getting dry! Your round was it?