Darkon Daykin

Never returned from a mission led by the Incantors Guild.

Group: Crows Of Albion
Race: Fey
Duchy: York
County: Lincoln
Barony: Durham

Before attending court after the murder of his nephew Elusive Daykin. Darkon was some what of a wonderer after the loss of his funeral home where he had raised both Elusive and his adoptive niece the ever energetic Artemis he spent his time wondering to continue the work of his family as they sadly one by one returned to the earth leaving behind the younger races that they had “adopted”.
Darkon knew that one day the egg would pass to these younlings as did almost every day kin and spent his time at court desperately trying to lighten their world and steer them away from the darker path.
Ever visible and audible on the battlefield with his white gloves and chants of “As I heal your wounds let us reassess the life choices that lead to you bleeding this much” or the less popular calls to talk out the issues of violence over tea as is the Albion way.
A condition of life is that it ends, his hope was to teach us that the story of a life need never.
Remember the dead, and fight for the living less there be no one to remember the lost.

Held in trust to be published upon his death:

It is a condition of all life that it ends. If this has been bought into the light my life has met this condition. Do not weep for me, my life is not measured in time, such a fickle thing. It is measured in the lives touched, the smiles raised, the wrongs righted, the evils silenced and every laugh to a bad joke.
I wrote once the dead have no worries, their troubles are at an end, do not make me worry about you I’d like to think I did enough of that whilst alive.
Having met so many kind and talented youths and young races, from the brave if somewhat overly so beast kin to the infinitely kind humans, it is my deepest regret that I will not be there to see them succeed where we, and I, have failed the egg.
The spring is coming for us all, the doors to the box are opening. When you find yourself facing scales I will do my best to minimise my tutting at you arriving there. Take the life and lessons I have tried to teach and make the egg a little brighter with them.
Remember me, Remember the dead, fight for each other, stand together or die alone, Remember the dead Fight for the living.
One Last Time
Darkon Daykin, let’s go have a cup of tea. Crow of Albion, Free Fey, Inncantor, Healer, Milita Guid of Endjea