Dean Grey

Resides: Bollington, Worcester, Winchester
Race: Human
Position: Baron of Bollington, Deputy High Mage, Sorcerer of the Black Hand
Group: Order of the Black Hand

Not much is known of Dean’s early life. There are now many whispered histories about his past, many revolving around the mysterious deaths of a Lord and Lady Grey some 34 years ago and the disappearance of their two boys.

Should Dean be one of these missing Grey children remains known only unto him. What is known however is that he was raised within House Falcon, serving as lorekeeper assistant until his first signs of breaking the veil and ability to use Magic.

He was kept in seclusion within House Falcon for many of his formative years, learning the arcane arts before being assigned to Charles Falcon and attending the Summer moot in 1109 as his assistant, running messages and getting to know people.

It was here that Dean came to the attention of the Dark Elf Valen Darkblade and the Order of the Black Hand. At the close of the moot, Valen formally requested Dean transfer from House Falcon and take a position within the Black Hand. Dean accepted and arrangements were made for him to travel to the Black Hand Headquarters.

In the period between the Moot and the Gathering of that year Dean cultivated a friendship with a youthful healer in the Order – Thane. The two bonded and the mixture of arcane and healing incantation made the pair very useful to Valen in the final large scale battle with the Akari.

Over the winter months, news returned that Valen had lost his life and that T’zarkan was returning to the Tarantula Nation. This left a large void at the head of the Order, one which Utred stepped up and filled. Until Utred was able to attend court, Dean effectively took over the running of the Order, facing the loss of Thane who stepped away from public life to head upa healers school in a small village near winchester, and having to induct Thessias Darkblade into the Harts and the subtley of “Human” society which was pretty much alien to the young Dark Elf.

The Summer Moot 1110 saw a meeting that changed Dean. Already on good terms with the Crows of Albion, Dean spotted a talented young mage known simply as Talos. While the two did not get off on the best of terms they soon bonded and Dean took Talos as his apprentice, having acceped Calm Oasis offer to take the position of Deputy High Mage, knowing one day the High Mage role would be his, he needed an apprentice to train to be a deputy and one day High Mage.

Talos and Dean became almost constant companions and formidable opponents on the battlefield.

At the Gathering of 1110, Dean was accepted as an apprentice to the Lord Regent to learn certain “questionable” arcane arts. A close friendship with the Crows, especially Merlon and Cap’n took place.

Dean is also often seen accompanying Theo D’arby on diplomatic engagements and is often referred to as Theo’s mage and Dean in response has a little nickname of his own for Theo.

The triple hit of losing Lord Regent Bathroy, Duke Mortimer and Saul D’arby hit Dean very hard indeed, some may say that his demeanour has changed for the worst. He spent the entire of Winter in Bollington training Talos and practicing what the Lord Regent taught him, passing snippets on to Talos.

What happens next? It is known that Baron Bollington has been researching his family tree and does indeed have a missing younger sibling, possibly Kade Grey, which would mean that the Grey sons could one day be reunited.

It is reported that Dean has been suffering an illness over the winter and seems weaker in body, but more powerful in the arcane. What is known is that he has strong ties in the Harts of Albion now. With Theo as Lord Regent, the Order of the Black Hand growing, alliances with the Reapers and the Crows Dean Grey is a rising noble with powerful allies.

Gentleman’s Register, Summer 1107