Diaran “Kat” Ryu

Group: Mackintash
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

A Catkin who was born shortly after the Albion Civil War, Diaran spent his formative years scurrying around the streets of Londinium. His mother had died during childbirth and his two older brothers who raised him from a kitten, passing on the best of their food so he would live, were also lost to disease. Even with such a turbulent start to life, his family’s sacrifice made him fight to survive despite being alone on the streets.

In the year 1106 Diaran crossed paths with a member of the “Guards of Muldoon” called ‘Domo Ryu’ who was visiting Londinium to pick up supplies. Upon meeting the scruffy Catkin he said he ‘saw something’ in Diaran and in an act of kindness gave him shelter and food and soon Diaran himself became a member of the Guards aboard their ship ‘The Breezeblock’.

Diaran quickly befriended the leader of the group – Kyle. He was often to be found fighting and laughing with Kyle while his new brother was busy with work for the group. It was Kyle who introduced him to the Militia Guild which became very near and dear to his heart. So much so that he swore an Oath upon the Hammer of Justice to fight to his last breath in the name of Law, Justice and Vengeance.

Near the end of the year 1106 Kyle stepped down from his position as Leader of the group to retire and passed leadership to his second in command. Diaran, or “Kat” as he was nicknamed (thanks to the Militia Guild), knew very little about the Guards new leader and wasn’t keen on what he saw. As a result the Guards were split, the contentious leader began his own splinter group while the rest of the Guards of the Muldoon took the Ship they sailed upon and simply called themselves “The Crew of the Breezeblock”. Rumour has it that a crew of their description was seen Pirating, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

In the year 1109, while Kat was away on Militia duty, the crew of the Breezeblock mysteriously vanished, including his brother and all that was left was a note in the captains quarters addressed to Kat. It read ‘Dear Brother Diaran, please keep the boat safe, it’s yours now, do with it what you wish, Domo’. The hurt at being abandoned and the lack of a real explanation stung Kat and for a while he simply stayed aboard the ship in port, alone, with no real purpose.

It was at this point that Kat was visited by his closest Militia companion – Sparx, a bubbly Fae Healer Warrior who listened to what had happened and promptly invited Kat to join the Mackintash were his skill set, personality and of course, his Ship, would be greatly welcomed.

Now in charge of Mackintash security on the seas as well as being a corporal in the Militia Guild and a friend to many different people across Erdreja, Kat seeks answers to the loss of his adopted brother while fighting beside his friends in the Mackintash