Dr Edward Morgan

Group: Mackintash
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Originally from Albion, Edward was orphaned at age 7 in the civil war between the Harts and the Lions. Left a substancial estate he paid his way through education and went to university to gain a doctorate in philosophy. After finishing his education he left his estate in the care of a warden, who would tax and maintain the land. Using some more of his family’s funds he set up a small trading business under the name ‘Morgan’ and went travelling across the heartlands, in search of riches and culture. In the later years of his travels he met a friend by the name of ‘Talaska’ who he stuck with as he became a good friend and companion.

Around 1110 Edward turned his attention to keeping the peace in the lands of his birth, by joining the millitia guild and eventually claiming the rank of Sergeant. He helps keep Albion safe from criminals and would be wrongdoers. The role has also provided him with ample military training so that he may aid his land should the call of war he heard.

Dr Morgan is known for many skills: being able to talk his way out of and into almost any situation being one that has consistently provided him with both narrow escapes, and difficult situations. It has however proven a useful trait in the investigative core of the millitia. Other skills that he has gained over his travels include learning how to weild the magics of the world and channel them both inside and outside the ritual circles of Erdreja.

As of 1111 Dr Morgan is settled back into his estate in Albion and his business operates from a small shop in Londinium. He has also started some joint ventures with those in his group of friends, such as ‘The Drunken Duck’ travelling inn with Brother Virtue and ‘Top Hat Trading Co’ as an expansion of his original business.