Early August 1112

At the Caledonian moot the Harts aid the Bears in defeating an impostor Morrigan, but only after causing upset by accidentally realigning their circle of knowledge and reality to necromancy in a ritual. The ritual is also successful in its actual aim of finally sealing the Milford rift to the plane of unlife. Rumours of a wandering errant gargoyle come from around Beverley, while the restored gargoyles at the cathedral save the lives of Harts who transport there against direct orders from the regent. Some Harts are stripped of rank in light of the defiance. While lending aid to the Wolf faction three of the 42nd fall, along with Thessias Darkblade and t’Undra. Others die as a result of the Milford ritual. The pillar aligned to Nethras is empowered in a rite after direct command from Nethras possessing Altarial. Archaologists recover the bones of Guinevere which are laid to rest, prompting a violent visit from a death knight who appears to be the Queen’s Champion. When fought down he leaves behind Beleth, the sword of Might which is recovered by Heinrich of the Reapers. Tarantula envoys continue to seek to change Albion law to honour the rights of unliving and relations between the two factions dissolve when Tarantulan law is updated to deny protection or rights to the Harts. The people of Skipsea, held by the disease cease staring out to sea and move south. Plans are set to intercept them in the region of Londinium. Elsewhere in Erdreja the Healers and Incantors guilds both suffer uncertainty over the whereabouts of some of their most prominent members while the Armourers offer further support in furthering the improvement of Waylund’s swords. Against this fraught backdrop the Lord Regent, Theo D’Arby, marries Lorelei Steiner.