Early August 1115

The second moot is held in Wolf lands, and ancestral matters crescendo. While Fenris is cured of a corruption, Dracos is forcibly ejected from the plane of unlife and attempts led by the Incantors guild to adjust the makeup of an ancestral pattern fail. The ancestors as a whole turn away from mortals in reaction to the destruction of Dracos and concerns are voiced regarding the march on Al Quafar. Artemis, however, creates a number of banners in the ritual circle to go with the armies spearheading the march and guide some of the fallen to their ancestors. The Harts continue to struggle against the nightmares, finding the situation among the Court of Dreams is dire and some progress is made in creating the device required to seal the Marchwood rift. Celebration is not entirely absent, however, and Graf leads a team in the ritual circle to earn a perfect score from the Watchers and much admiration from the audience, in the process empowering a faction item and one for the Dragons who lent aid.