Early August 1116

All signatories¬†of the Gathering Treaty are summoned to meet at Chapel Perilous where the Harts host the Moot. While some high profile leaders in other nations are lost in varying circumstances and Ryvik, the ancient elf makes a claim to rule the heartlands, the Harts are primarily occupied with the fate of Queen Eloise. When the Trinity send a representative to lead a ritual a small team come together to attempt to remove the curse of Calligar from the queen. This is ultimately unsuccessful and she faces the choice of dying and becoming a part of Calligar or being killed an ascending as a part of the Hunter. Lazarus Hunter deals the blow that sends her onwards and Harts begin to incant in the name of the Lady of the Greenwood. On the battlefield Calligar’s true avatar is dropped and sent onwards as prey for the Lady, forever to run on the ancestral plane.