Early May 1115

During a busy moot with the Lions at Aquamarine, The Tree of incantation urges shows of devotion at the holy groves and a contingent of Harts oblige. A number of ritual circles throughout the heartlands are affected by the war on the plane of unlife with Albion hit hardest. Ancestors send avatars to further urge that choices be made and sides chosen in the ongoing fight. Harts align themselves with the Guardian of the Dead, Pendragon and Osiris rather than choose Dracos or Satuun although the involvement of White and Dark Reaver is unclear. An ancestral of Nethras is created in the ritual circle and a new ritualist, Gregsy, shows his prowess. Harts send groups to aid an ancient knight in a duel at the river Humber and to retrieve a seal to help solve the demonic issues around Marchwood. With an audience with Oberon in the offing for two fae, Lord Callum is placated with an offer to take one of the places on behalf of the Harts. Nightmare creatures attack camp on Sunday night, resulting in a number of flayings and a dire need for surgery. Bradigan and Deagon of House Hunter, Moto of the Black Hand and Thirty of The Mackintash are lost and mourned in varying circumstances.