Early May 1116

The Harts attend the moot in Unicorn lands and lend aid to the fight against a formidable enemy known as The Overseer. Whilst ultimately successful, tribulations beset those present throughout the weekend as the wellspring of Evil becomes personified and requires effort to placate and position. Meanwhile at home in Carlisle reports of unrest lead to the discovery of a strange new infection that renders its victims bloodthirsty and insatiable. Members of the assembled party move onwards to Pointon Keep and recover a scabbard of great interest, whilst the fae at court mobilise against a threat known as The Broken Sword. Tristis repays a debt owed and after farewells he leaves to accompany The Boatman to the planes of unlife – a one way trip he is prepared for, unlike several more unfortunate members of the party who fall in various efforts, to be added to the Book of the Dead. Whilst the losses are large, the Harts are instrumental in repairing the pattern scars left upon others who stood in the final onslaught.