Ector Sinclair

Group: The Family Sinclair
Race: Human
Positions held in the faction: Joint head of the Family Sinclair.
Duchy: Gloucester
County: Chester

Ector Sinclair was born in Chester the eldest son of Rogir and Rosemary Sinclair, raised to privilege and given a good education Ector was being groomed from a young age to uphold his father’s position in the family of the Sword, the protector and martial general. The only problem was that Ector was a mage and was not able to take a hit as well as his father. To compensate for this Ector was sent to join his father’s company to gain experience and to understand that the Sinclair’s wealth did not come from silk and grain but blood and steel. He spent a good number of his formative years moving around Albion as a result losing the accent of his home town and developing a more Londinium accent which shows itself when stressed. He knew how to talk to the common soldier and the noblemen who occasionally hired the Sinclair’s to protect their trade or lands for them. Ector discovered that this talent was a boon to his work, he had a talent in finding talent, he could recognize skill in other people and could convince them to aid him or end up in his employ. Ector discovered that his charisma was his best asset and one he started to rely on more and more. This led to Ector coming across as arrogant, selfish and stubborn in his own abilities at times – traits he would later grow out of through tragic circumstances.

Ector was not in Albion when the fall happened, he was with his company protecting a merchant lord in Tutonia when news reached him he was heartbroken, though his family was a large one he did not know how many escaped the country in time. As far as he knew he was the last of his House. He turned to his men, people from all over the Egg that had practically raised him and he saw as extended family and asked them for help to find his remaining Kinsmen. The company abandoned Ector, either though lack of pay, lack of interest or wishing to go their own way meant that they turned their backs on the young man. Ector was left with six people who stayed with him out of sixty. With some of the remaining money he brought a fine red coat and styled himself ‘The Red Rooster of Albion’ he found his purpose and direction, his arrogance became dulled and he became more humbled though the events of the fall.

Originally only determined to find his family after encountering a lost elven lady who did not know if her own family were living or dead, lead Ector to his personal quest to find the lost of Albion and try to find them a home. This lead to the company as it stands presently. A collection of lost, and occasionally broken people who were looking for something or some kind of meaning. Ector was never the most religious of men believing more in actions and the intentions of man rather than the whims of the ancestors. That being said he never saw himself as a fool he knew they were real and he knew they were powerful. That being said Ector does follow an Ancestor, that of the Lady of the Lake, he sees her as the incentive to reach higher and rise above. And if it is one thing the Sinclair’s know about it is to Rise above adversity.

Ector lead his company his new family around the Egg looking for his Kinsmen and making ready to finally return home and see the beautiful land of Albion once more. After three years of Albion Falling he made his way back to court and achieved his desire. The Sinclair’s were never a well-known or even highly influential noble house to the point where they only had their word that they were of noble birth and as of yet that counted for little. Ector intends to show his family as one to be counted on, to be worthy of the memory of those who are lost to Rise as his family words promise. To live up to the words spoken to him by the late Queen Eloise, to remain a True Albione from this day until his last.