Edward James (Sir)

Position: Baron of Alton
Group: Company of the Blackened Staff

Barony: Alton
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human
Edward is believed dead after going missing subsequent to visiting the Incantor’s Guild.

Sir Edward James, born and bred a Cornishman, entered into the service of Ailish de Beaumaris, Countess of Worcester on his leaving the military in 1102. At this time he was also tasked with the responsibility of the office of sheriff of Bristol by the Countess of Bristol. Sir Edward acted as the personal aide to the High Ambassador and subsequently was made both Ambassador and Deputy High Ambassador in his own right. Following being named Baron of Bollington and his subsequent nuptials to Arianrhod, Countess of Bristol, he relinquished the office of sheriff.

Following the defeat of the Void Entity and resultant loss of his wife, combined with the death of many of his friends at Dunwich Vale, Sir Edward left public life for parts unknown. Following the reunification of Cornwall with Albion Sir Edward reappeared at the Heartland Games 1106 wearing the full colours of the Company of the Blackened Staff of which he was previously an associate member.

It is believed that after his period of grieving Sir Edward joined the Company and is traditional amongst its recruits adopted a new name that of Sorrow. Serving in Sicilija training the Companies new recruits he achieved the rank of Sergeant. It is unknown why he has returned at this time except that he reportedly said to have been heard to say ‘he was needed so he is here’. Whether that need was at the call of his Captain, his friends, his ancestors or the throne he has not said.

In 1107, he accepted the position of Baron of Alton.