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“To the Loyal Members of the Court of the Pendragon Throne, HAIL! It is well known that Londinium has risen from beneath the waves, thanks to the great efforts of the Ritualists of Albion. It is also known that those unable to escape the city at the Fall of Albion remain there still, in a most lamentable way. This little we know due to the efforts of our scouts. In order to mount a full and proper reclamation of Londinium we must, of course, know more.
Those unfortunate creatures who now haunt the streets and ways of Londinium were once subjects of the Pendragon Throne, and thus it is our duty to lay them to rest with all expediency, and reclaim the city for those poor and displaced subjects who desire to return home. To do this, we must first observe and plan. Therefore, come the Winter, at the request and instruction of His Grace the Lord Protector, I shall assemble a small expeditionary force to set forth from the shores of Albion to the ‘Isles’ of Londinium.
First and foremost, our goal is to gather intelligence – to survey the land, gauge the best locations for the beachheads and entry points our troops require, and to report all that we see to the Pendragon Throne. Our secondary aim is to secure a strategic location from which we might begin our efforts to reclaim the great city of Londinium. This will be no easy feat – there will be risk and danger – you will need your wits about you. Be under no false impression – we are marching into the unknown, into unmapped isles, unnatural fog banks, and the ever present risk of attack by the hordes of Unliving that now call that city theirs. This endeavor is a vital first step on the road to reclaiming and purifying that city.

The Pendragon Throne requests and requires that those of you willing to undertake this dangerous and important mission present yourselves at the encampment at Harmer Green. On on the seventeenth day of the eleventh month we shall set out, and do what must be done. Albion Prevails. In Faith and Servitude, Wyndrake Winterheart Duke of Keswick – Lord of the Fells”


Willesley Campsite,
LE65 2UP

November 17-19 2017

Player booking details

This year we are trying something a little different as discussed during the AGM we ran the spring event at a lower ticket price and larger numbers to offset this Autumn event which has an increased ticket price but finite player numbers.

34 player spaces that is all, a hard limit.

We realise that normally we have a lot higher attendance than this and as such have looked to make tickets as fair as possible.
As such and in grand Albione tradition the party shall be decided by the drawing of lots.

The Process:
If you wish to play, then you must BEFORE July 20th email your interest and any caveats such as reliance on another person getting a player space.
N.B. if you name caveats and your name is drawn you will not be guaranteed a space until your caveats are met. If they are not met then you will be re-entered into the draw for a second round. These rounds will continue until a full player party is formed with all stated caveats are met. (David “Ross” will explain this directly to anyone who wishes to know more).

Online booking

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