Latest event: The Grand Plan: Cleansing

The Grand Plan: Cleansing

“With the most pressing of issues dealt with and the search for the true heir progressing slowly The Harts of Albion seek to resolve a litany of lingering issues which have been slowly festering across the nation.

The Harts warhost welcomes the heros of Erdreja (with the exception of the Unliving abomonations) to aid with wits, guile, strength of arms and minds in resolving a whole host of issues.

“We have feasted and planned, now as the winter sets in word has been spread to subjects of Albion far and wide that they may bring to the attention of the Harts fiends and foul deeds in need of the attention of the warhost.

Rest, for much as the season we shall spring into action and see prosperity and security return throughout our lands and the nation rise, its strength supporting those of other lands who have stood with us through dire straights no waivering in their duty as friends and allies.

Sir Ross Pendragon, Lord Protector of Albion.”

Horley Scout Camp,
OX15 6AU

7th-9th April 2017

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