February 1105

Almost a hundred members of the faction meet to make and reaffirm oaths in the presence of the ancestors and witnesses from other factions. Lord Tylendal, Earl Chester vows that the servants of The Hunter will cleanse the Greenwood of corruption within a year and a day or perish in the attempt. Lord Regent Valris Ordos of Teutonia swears before the ancestors of Albion to visit horrific punishments upon those factions who would seek to invade Italija. Important diplomatic advances are made between the Harts, Dragons, Vipers, Wolves, Bears and Tarantulas factions.

October 1104

The "Green Man" abducts a number of Harts and tires to coerce them into murdering one another. Most present deny him and are sorely wounded but Percival deGales attempts to make a pact with the enraged ancestor in order to save his companions.

A number of ladies compete against Imperial troops in an effort to carry favour with The Mother. They are victorious and elect Genevieve Astolat to take the mantle of Shield Maiden Of The Mother.

The Eagle Knight who commands the goblins of Dunwich is slain but the Harts retreat collapses under assault from the remaining goblins and black orc "Ghosts" of the XIII Legion. A number of Albiones die and many more are forced to scatter into the wilds, going missing for several weeks afterwards.