Georgiana Ebony Hulce

Position: Deputy High Mage
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
Barony: Shrewsbury
County: Chester
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Human

the fact that no record of her heritage exists
at either the College Of Heralds or in the Hulce
family’s personal records, Georgiana claims to
be the younger twin sister of William
Hulce. She returned to Albion with her brother
in 1104, travelling from Erin where she was apparently
reunited with him after an absence of 20 years.

Georgiana’s education was not that of a usual
Albione noble, having grown up in the Avoyelles
Institution For Young Ladies in Lyonesse. She
was sent there by her parents when she was five
and, after the declaration of the Civil War (and
the predations of Roxanne against her family),
grew up in exile under the family’s assumed name
of ‘Eremore’.

The exact circumstances of her enrollment in
the school, and how she subsequently left, are
somewhat unclear. It is however known that she
travelled from Lyonesse to Erin (where William
was serving against the Empire in Finn Dracha’s
expeditionary force) after somehow learning of
their older brother Miles’ death at Dunwich Vale.

A founder member of the Ordo Hwyt Draga, Georgiana
claims to receive dreams and visions from her
Ancestor. Her faith remains one of the highest
priorities in her life; second only to the protection
of Albion and it’s people. Having been resident
in Albion for about year, Georgiana is now stepping
more into the public eye and starting to play
a more active role in her household than she had
done immediately after her return home.

In the last two years Georgiana has gone from being a
naive background figure to an active member of the
Harts faction. Although not as politically driven as
her brother William, she has played an active role as
a diplomat to the Viper Nation, which proved very
useful when both the Harts and the Vipers found
themselves working together against the Green Man in
Reiskarg, and now serves her country as Deputy High

Slightly controversially, it is apparent that
Georgiana has sage-like knowledge of daemons and the
planes in which they inhabit. More dramatically it is rumoured that she wields some degree of power as a deaemonologist, and that her studies are not limited to purely academic pursuits. She was instrumental in the
efforts against Alderyork and his associates, the
daemonologist Daedric, the air daemon Thirlidrian, and
the fire daemon Telphar. In particular she assisted directly in the
defeat of Telphar by summoning him into the Warwick
Ritual Circle so he could be destroyed.

The autumn of 1106 also saw Georgiana marrying Lucien
Steiner of the House of Glass, thus becoming Georgiana
Hulce-Steiner. The wedding took place in the Ordo Hwyt
Draga’s Preceptory just outside of Castleford, and was
attended by family and close friends, including a
contingent from the Viper Nation. Her brother William,
in the place of their father and gave his sister away.

Burke’s Peerage
Autumn 1106