Position: Countess Of Bristol
Group: The Host
Barony: Alton
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Demon

Created into servitude by the Greater Overlords
and the Overlord of Water, Glycell pocesses certain
abilities of her plane. Used as a conduit of the
plane’s power for endless battles through the
millenia against the other demonic planes.

With no free will on her plane, she was ordered
to research the other planes at the Great Library
of power. During her time there not only did her
will become her own but she discovered the ‘key’
that would enable her to break free. She contacted
others she deamed worthy to travel with her and
sort out a non-descript plane of existance. They
set the ‘key’ free, gave up their powers
and journeyed there.

Granted freedom for the first time, this demonic
‘Host’ became loyal to a female called
Elspeth, the leader of this nation. Although feared
at first, members of The Host have now not only
been accepted into Albion but are numbered as
some of the Crown’s most loyal servants.

Burke’s Peerage, 1105