Godfrey Galatine (Ka’lis Dracha)

Death recorded 1114

Group: House Galatine
Race: Human
Dismissed after being made an unliving puppet of Dark Reaver


In 1113 Albion was wounded and some people call it the Fall of Albion. Albion still stands though and many of our people were saved because of the work the Guilds did and the rite that Ash Dracha led what sent Kal’is Dracha into the dreams of the people and showed them a way to escape Albion until it we could make it safe for them to come back. What a lot of people don’t know is that Kal’is was only part of the Dracha family by adoption. He told me that his real name was Godfrey and that Albion was once his home and he was a part of House Galatine. He left when he was young and found himself in Jackal lands and then a key part of the Incantors guild but he told me “Nethras wants me back.” Maybe that is why he was ready to sacrifice his life for Albion if that were what it took but becoming Albions Dream was not his end. He came back and smiled and shrugged while we put his pattern back together and he carried on doing what he used to do – getting on with stuff and not making a big deal of nothing. He was last seen as himself when he walked off talking to a stranger when the guilds met in spring of 1114. Something came back to visit after that and it wore his body but it was not him at heart – it had turned from the Ancestor Kal’is was always close to and his attitude was wrong. The abomination wearing his skin was dismissed by his friends and his adopted family and Queen Eloise and people like me who just knew him before he was changed all mourn his loss.

Sir Graf Dog