Haakon Phobos

Position: Baron of Naseby
Position: Reapermage
Group: The Reapers
Barony: Naseby
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Unknown

The individual known as Phobos appeared amongst Rathdon’s Reapersat the Gathering of ’09. None knew who or what it was, and even the then Baron of Keswick was sore pressed to know much about it. Despite the creature’s ominous appearance, it found itself welcomed amongst the people of Albion, and decided to make its home in that land.

Rumours persist about it’s background: some say it is a shade of a long dead Imperial citizen, others that it may be the very spirit of death itself, while most think its just a bloke in a cloak. Since its ennoblement as Baron of Naseby (a title, it is said, for which the creature is emminently suited), it has carried out its unspoken works, in between bouts of hedonism not seen in recent times.

Despite its claim as the inventor of the ‘Naseby Hand Jive’, the creature doesn’t dance that well.