Harry Karlennon

Group: House Karlennon
Barony: Havoc
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

An old soldier, Harry fought for the Queen during the civil war. After the war he retiered from active service for a while. Called up again he managed to get himself a nice posting as Havoc garrison commander, dealing with sheep thefts and petty crimminals and the odd Bear incursion. Now recalled to court life, Harry reluctantly agreed, feeling obligated by his family name. Harry feels like he has served his time and has becomes beligerent at times, feeling that his time would be better served in the taverns talking about past victories and how the old ancestors are better than the bunch we have now. He is a reluctant follower of Nethras but still calls upon the Mother. He is a strong family person but would rather let other members of his family take the lead in Albion affairs.