healer training

This is a training tool for new healers. It is very much in development but has just reached the stage where it’s worth showing to people.

When you load this page you will be shown a randomised patient. You will see how much power (number of spellcards) you have as a healer at the top of the page, and you can see what healing the patient needs. You can choose from a dropdown whether you want to practise as a basic healer, a healer with the revive skill, or a healer with advanced healing.

Each location on the patient shows how many hits it is on, and below the patient you can see how many total hits they have, as well as their overall status
– are they stable?
– are they conscious?
– do they have a disease or a decay effect upon them?

You can click buttons to remove disease, remove decay, remove fatal, or perform the chant of healing. The appropriate number of spell cards is removed upon doing so – even if you have performed actions in the wrong order which means you will get a “no effect” alert when you try to heal.

I believe it to be bug free and to adhere to the healing rules but I welcome (polite) bug reports or queries. Future plans for the tool include (in no particular order):
– tidy up the interface to make it prettier
– add poisons
– add a timer to show how long it took to heal the patient
– add a death count to the patient to see if the healer manages to stabilise them quickly enough
– add different pattern types to show how healing can work or fail against them
– add a discern check button so you don’t see what’s wrong instantly and checking takes time
– create some proper training scenarios instead of a randomised patient
– allow for more than one patient to exist at once

© Max Lehmann 2016

Beta version, may be removed or replaced at any time: