Imbrium Vrinn

Died in the battle against the 18th Legion at the Great Erdrejan Fayre in 1116

Imbrium, my friend, we knew each other but a short time yet I felt you a dwarf-sister even though you were not of our kind.
You told me how you were rejected from the Underdark, a half breed, part human, and kept hidden in fear of death or slavery. You had been through much yet your spirit always held strong. Meeting Talan turned your life around and so began a new journey when Flint who invited you to the hold. That is where I met you.
You possessed a natural talent for the forge and your sword served you well through many years until that fateful day when you became wounded beyond the lines after protecting another’s Queen against the 18th Legion. Such was your passion and truth it did not matter who, only how.
You died honorably. A fellow member or the Armourers Guild and friend to the Ironhold you were indeed a true friend, a protector of others, selfless in your thoughts and actions.
We gave your the dignity and honors you deserved, an escort of Amrourers Guild members, Harts and Dwarves alike, borne on the shield of your brothers and sisters.
We will watch over Talan for you.
Rest in the halls of your Ancestors, feast and make merry until it is time for us to meet again.
Carmyna Whitefire.