Imogen Hunter

Position: Lady Chamberlain
Position: Countess of Nottingham
Group: Royal Council
Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Elf

Killed at main festival by grolloch demons

father was called Thomas, the son of Darian, who
had been given away at birth, because his mother
knew Darian would not be able to raise 2 sons.
He had a peculiar appearance as even when bore
many years, he had the appearance of a much younger
man and carried a distinctive stone sword. Thomas
lived in Ellenbrooke and was employed as captain
of the guard.

The Lord of Ellenbrooke at the time was one Baron
Richard Courteney. Baron Courteney and Thomas
became friends and all was well, until Thomas
took a liking to the Barons daughter, a pretty
lass named Eleanor. Eleanor reciprocated and soon
they were lovers. When the Baron found out he
was furious, and sent men too kill Thomas. Thomas
and Eleanor fled.

They travelled Albion staying one step ahead
of Richard’s men for some years. Eleanor fell
pregnant and bore twins. The birth was hard for
her and they were forced to stop running whilst
she recovered. It was during this time that Richard’s
men finally caught up with them.

The escape was a narrow one and they ran towards
Huntingdon. However, Richard had anticipated this
and had people waiting for them. Thomas and Eleanor
were cornered and out of desperation they were
forced to abandon the children. The eldest son
was left in a quarry, with his fathers stone sword
as an inheritance and the younger daughter was
hidden in the cellar of the ‘Laughing Fox’
Inn in Huntingdon. The soldiers caught Thomas
and his wife and in the ensuing fight, Eleanor
was killed. Thomas escaped and left Albion. It
is not known where he is now. The eldest son was
Martaine Quarrier, the younger daughter Imogen,
both rather unique children.

Imogen was given into the care of the local blacksmith,
whose wife had not been able to conceive and took
on the name ‘Greenwood’ as this is where she had
been found. She had a pleasant childhood and was
a very caring child. Around her twelfth birthday
her parents informed her that they had managed
to secure her a place at the Brighthelm Stane
College of Healing and this is where Imogen met
Elspeth, who was in a class a couple of years
above her. Although Imogen made many friends at
Brighthelm Stane, she was not gifted at healing
and found her studies to be difficult. After her
studies were complete, Imogen found herself in
a variety of roles, moving further and further
away from what she had learnt at Brighthelm Stane.
In 1093 Imogen was asked to take on the stewardship
of Castleford, a town just north of Huntingdon.

Imogen proved herself to be a proficient steward,
but in the autumn of 1096 a messenger delivered
her the grievous news that the blacksmith and
his wife, who she considered to be her parents,
had been slain by a vampire. Still young and impetuous,
Imogen travelled back to Huntingdon to find the
outlying villages was in a very sorry state. The
vampire was not alone and had a mob of unliving
with him and they had torn through the villages,
slaying all those who were not quick enough to
make it back to the fortifications at Huntingdon.
Imogen learnt that the blacksmith and his wife
had been collecting orphaned children from those
who had been slain, when they were ambushed and
killed to a man. She vowed to revenge their deaths.

Imogen collected together a good sized group
of people who had some knowledge of fighting or
who owned their own bows or swords. In this group
were two strangers who were on a crusade through
Albion, teaching people about the new magics of
incantation. Many in the group fell to the paralysing
blows of the ghouls or found their weapons useless
against the skeletons, but the two incantors showed
them how to fight using their faith and they found
they were able to fight for longer. The incantors
were both surprised by Imogen’s determination
and strength of faith. They found that when she
was leading the group they were more focused and
able to deal with the unliving to a greater efficiency.
The vampire fled into the Greenwood, after many
of his unliving had been slain. By this time,
Imogen’s group was much smaller in size but those
who were there were determined to carry on and
fought valiantly. They believed they had slain
all the lesser unliving, but were having trouble
finding the vampire. Rugar, one of the incantors, suggested
they should concentrate their faith together and
call on the ancestor of the land for his aid.

The group called to the Hunter, ancestor of the
land, who was running in the Greenwood at the
time and he saw Imogen’s faith was strong. The
Hunter showed the group where the vampire lay
and they were finally able to slay it. However,
once the vampire had been slain, The Hunter called
to Imogen once more and asked her to run with
him. So she ran and ran and ran. The Hunter kept
her close and Imogen did not want to leave the
Hunters’ side. So she ran on.

In the spring of 1102, Imogen woke one morning
to find the Hunter had left her. She emerged from
the Greenwood and decided to seek out her old
friend Elspeth, as something was obviously very

In the summer of 1103, Imogen made a trip to
Chapel Perilous with other followers of the Hunter,
to hunt the Hunter and see him reborn. The Hunter
used Imogen as the key to the door to Chapel Perilous
and when she returned she appeared to be more
elf-like than when she had gone in. Imogen is
one of the Chosen of the Hunter.

Compiled from various
sources at the request of Imogen Hunter, 1105 ]