Iskaria Cross

Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
Race: Human
Duchy: Keswick
County: Carlisle
Barony: Havoc

Iskaria, although born in Winchester, has been mostly absent from Albion for many years.

Her father had died before she was born and her mother shortly after. As such, her paternal Aunt, Celise was left to raise her (although begrudgingly). For the majority of her childhood Iskaria lived with Celise and ‘assisted’ with the running of the family business; a small curios shop in Winchester. Celise had eventually grown weary of attempting to school and control the pestering child she was laden with, and decided that she might as well utilise her as a resource, so in her teens Iskaria was sent off on board the family’s small trading vessel to put a less scarred and slightly friendlier face on the acquisition of foreign rarities.

It would turn out that Iskaria would be particularly good at selecting books and trinkets that would keep the business ticking over and ensure the sailors who accompanied her were well paid, so she remained at sea. She kept some of the books for herself and studied in her cabin for most journeys, only stopping to visit ports and trade.

With only brief visits home, and rarely spending much time ashore, Iskaria was stunned when she had heard the news that Winchester had been taken. Once they had heard this, and knowing their livelihood was likely suspended, the ship’s men were polite enough to leave her at a port to find her own way home from Teutonia, and took the ship as a final payment.

Bartering off a few of the trinkets she had kept for herself, she made her way back to Albion, and happened upon Flare and the Company of the Blackened Staff. A fight and a night of drinking later, Flare realised that she was a stray and offered her the opportunity to be an associate in the Company. Iskaria hesitantly accepted, but only a few months later, she decided that, if they would have her, she would properly join the Company as a full member, and joined them at the Gathering 1114. By the later winter, early spring of 1115 Iskaria has become the Company Clerk. Due to the eruption in Albion at the time she joined the Company, in the tradition of the Company Beastkin, she chose to give herself the middle name “Ash” to mark the sky at home when she was born into her new family.

Being forced home, and helping with the fight against Dolorous, Iskaria has realised that her passive learning and lazy spellcasting will not be sufficient for what’s ahead and that she has a lot of work to do is she’s going to prove herself.