Jackobe Jinx

Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick

Group: The Reapers
Race: Human

Jackobe is rumored to be an heir of the highest order of noble families. He was cast out by his family for an unspeakable act to protect the family’s name and honor. For a time he wandered the land clawing at life through the streets of Cymrija turning his hand to whatever would keep his head above water.

Jackobe met Rathdon on the Isle of Erin who offered him a chance of a better life amongst the mercenary ranks of The Reapers whose only loyalty was to themselves. Many years have been spent doing what The Reapers do best: Butchering the dead and plundering the riches of misguided fools.

In between the bloodshed Jackobe has dabbled in the darker side of the arcane arts fueled by his thirst for answers to what lies beneath the surface. His past may be shrouded and fragmented like the mask he wears but one thing is for certain: wherever Rathdon leads Jackobe follows.

Over the Winter Jackobe has spent time in Teutonia learning what he can for the battles ahead.