Jasmine Daisybreeze

Death recorded 1105

Killed by the lich Castell at Winchester
Position: High Mage
Group: House Falcon
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Half elf/drow

Leaving a troubled past behind, Jasmine and her
two children were taken into the care of Lady
Madelaine Falcon in the winter of 1102. Initially
she served in the Falcon household guard having
some skill at arms as well as sorcerous ability.
As the months passed, she became close to Sgt
Major Jalik Farendale, and happiness came back
into her life once more.

Sadly, this was not to continue. The mission
to Caer Cadarn in 1103 saw the loss of both Lord
Falcon and Jasmine’s friend Sgt Brynna (once known
as Cuckoo of the Flight). The journey back through
the enchantment also unravelled the sorcery that
had previously kept her true nature hidden and
Jasmine finally realised that drow blood also
coursed through her veins.

In the spring of 1104 her beloved Jalik fell
at Dunwich Vale and Jasmine immersed herself in
her arcane studies to ease the pain of her loss.

At the Gathering of Nations 1104, Jasmine took
on the position of High Mage of Albion. She is
now coming to terms with her past and looks to
the future in the service of the Pendragon Throne.

Gentleman’s Register,