Jinx Kel’Neth

Position: Warden of the Selby ritual circle
Group: Hawkshead Archers
Barony: Selby
County: Worcester
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Fae

Jinx died in 1110 in a ritual circle accident.

Member of the Hawkeshead Archers, Warden of the Selby ritual circle, affiliated member of the Company of the Blackened Staff and company healer, and Life Keeper of the Healers Guild.

Jinx began life as a service elf, in a time before there were drow, and when those that followed Lolth were being hunted. To protect her followers, Lolth decided to send them underground. Jinx was recreated as a fae by her Matron Mother (deemed the most loyal to Lolth), under the guidance of Lolth, along with her 7 sisters. These 8 then became guardians of the elves that went underground and became the drow, protecting the Underdark entrances so the surface dwellers could not come down and attack those following Lolth.

Once the drow were strong enough to defend themselves, and the nation had become the Tarantulas, Lolth deemed that the guardians were no longer required, and restored them as a drow house with the name Rith’tar, meaning guardian. Jinx remained a drow for just a year before joining the Hunt, where she once again took on the form of a cat that she had been throughout her time as a guardian. She stayed with the Tarantulas as Deputy High Healer, before leaving in 2004 to join the Harts, where most of her family are – many of the Company of the Blackened Staff are descendants of Jinx and her sisters. The three eldest sisters have since died, and Jinx is the oldest of those remaining.

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