Joseph Stone

Group: Order of the Pendragon
Race: Human
Barony: Naseby
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick

Born just months before the very first Gathering of Nations, son of Carlisle stone mason Eric Stone. His mother passed away during childbirth and his father left to fight on the side of the hunters in the war against Corvus Corvidae when Joseph was only 2, his father never returned from the conflict.

His older brother Daniel Stone looked after him like a father, and followed in their fathers footsteps he became an accomplished stone mason, when he was old enough Joseph helped where he could. But always Joseph’s dreams were of bigger things. He didn’t want to stay in Carlisle forever, he didn’t want to be a stone mason.

When destruction came to Albion Joseph heard news of survivors steadily making their way into Carlisle, he also heard tales of death, of wild things and wild men attacking the refugees.
As a follower of the Pendragon and law and order he decided to leave Carlisle and help in any way he could, he acquired a sword and headed out, and for months escorted survivors out of danger and into the safety of carlisles shanty town outside the city walls.

It was on one of these runs for survivors that Joseph met Marcus Reaver, with similar goals to his own. They decided that there was sense in sticking together. And Marcus told tales of his rag tag bunch of militia men that had been halted in Carlisle on their way through to Forrest Glenn, The Reavers were requisitioned by Duke Thomas of Keswick and fused into the Carlisle militia and with them Joseph.

Out of a desire to help out, Joseph and Marcus traveled to the lands of the Dragons for the summer moot of 1114 and while at court Joseph became friends with and fought alongside members of the Order of the Pendragon.

The Reavers attended the gathering of 1114 in force, and Joseph witnessed first hand the troubles with Excalibur. Upon hearing of the Architect’s prison he immediately volounteered himself for the mission. After fighting chaos elementals and seeing Mordred released and witnessing his chaotic influence on several members of the group Joseph decided to dedicate himself fully to the Order of the Pendragon, so sought out Wyndrake Winterheart to ask to join the prestigious order.