July 1106

In Cornwall a group of Harts led by Cal Poll, the Earl of Carlisle, entered the Mists and proved themselves to the Ancestors of Albion. The Trinity of Albion was chosen as Nethras, The Hunter and the Pendragon. These were bound to the land and the king by a ritual team led by Madeline Falcon, the Duchess of York.

During the trip to Cornwall the head of the VIII legion, Albertus Hroc, was declared an Outlaw under Albione law and put to death. Yollo ap Carwyn of Keswick was slaughtered by Hroc and his men, but the Lord Provost made sure that justice was swift.

|Manannan, Lord of Mists and the Sea, refused to accept the decision of the people of Albion and ripped the Mists from the Land of Albion. This has left a large amount of land unexplored and who knows what sorts of strange creatures and beasts could call this area their home.