June 1108

At the Moot held in Loch Arbour in Caledonia, the hosts make themselves unpopular with the Harts by barging through house tents looking for Vipers to murder.  A tense stand-off outside the House Mortimer tent is resolved without bloodshed.  Lady Corona Corvinae leads an embassy to all camps looking to forge an alliance against the Akari.  Like the Fayre, great winds force the Harts to break camp early, so very few are on the field to aid the Bears in the defeat of a great Goblinoid horde.

The Vipers host a moot in Trieste, for the Harts, Lions, Wolves and Unicorns.  The faction send a group to Silverlake, where they unearth a silvered coffin containing ancient remains, which once opened affects all close to it with a magical sleep.  The contents are taken away to resolve the problems of the Fae at Silverlake.  A magical hourglass is delivered to Elizabeth Falcon, and later unliving from ‘The Mistress’ attempt to retrieve it.  A rite is written for the people to perform, and by order of the Lord Regent is to be performed weekly across Albion.  The Harts are visited by Honour, one of the Nishak demons, who states that their armies are cutting across country to attack the Akari.  A rite is carried out dedicating eight ladies of Albion protect the spirit of Excalibur, completing the return of the Kings sword to the land.

In the defence of their Allies, the Harts take the field against a demonic foe.  The Lord Regent scares his bodyguard by charging through the enemies lines with nothing but a pair of daggers.  He is retrieved alive and well, and the battle is won.

A group of Harts investigate the destruction of shrines to the Trinity in Cornwall.  With the help of the local beastkin tribe, the perpetrators are found to be a cult of Taranis protected by a unit of knights and summoning elementals through into the realm.  Although the enemies of Albion were vanquished it was at sore cost, including the Lord Provost Cal Poll.