Kaie Corvinae (Dante d’Orvieto)

Position: High Scout (retired)

Barony: Londinium
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Birth Name: Kaie Corvinae
Birth: 1075, Bristol, Cornwall
Father: Dauuricus Corvinae
Mother: Crista Hroc
Adopted Father: Lucius Dante d’Orvieto

Younger brother to Corona ‘Jack’; Corvinae, the pair were presumed dead in 1084 and adopted at a young age into the Teutonian d’Orvieto family during the bloody Corvidae purge instigated by Roxanne. Dante and Jack spent several years at sea with Lucius and his brother Andreas d’Orvieto working the dangerous Italija to Sicilija arms trade.

During an extended refit in Palermo in 1091, Dante enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts where he showed a degree more aptitude than he did as a Mariner. Lucius encouraged and financed Dante’s passion for art even though his son was spending more time with the di Molinari Corsair flotilla due to an ongoing relationship with fellow student, Rosa di Molinari.

Dante studied his craft under Master Felipe di Molinari, who was as widely famed for his exquisite portraits as he was for his womanising. His apprenticeship with Master Felipe exposed him to the Courts of the Dons and a new art of being a social chameleon.

After the death of his adopted father in 1093 Dante returned to the d’Orvieto ‘The Crow’, now owned by Jack until 1100, when he disappears once more to join Rosa in Palermo.

In the Spring of 1107 Dante joined the reformed Albion Southern Fleet commanded by Don Marcellus as an irregular volunteer after hearing of his sisters promotion and makes himself known as a Corvidae to his family in Bristol.

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