Kurt Davion

Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
Group: House Hulce
Barony: Castleford
County: Ellenbrooke
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Human

is known about the retired mercenary captain that
took up residence in a small farmhold in Castleford
just under a year ago, save that he claims allegiance
to the Hulce household. A few members of the Hulce
serving staff remember the old man working directly
with the father of William
and Georgiana.
Given the controversy concerning Georgiana’s claim
to the Hulce name, the mercenary seems to be one
of the few that can vouch for the Lady. Claiming
to be a retainer hired to ensure the survival
of the Hulce children this throws further mystery
on the exact relationship of the mercenary to
the house.

Supposedly born in Hamburg, Teutonia, whilst
his Albione parents were fleeing from troubles
at home, Kurt has notched up service with a number
of renowned mercenary companies before earning
sufficient monies to secure a farmhold in the
Barony of Castleford. Now he can be more often
found cursing livestock, teaching the younger
Hulces or reminiscing about past glories over
a bottle of port.

A follower of the White Dragon, Kurt had openly
proclaimed his faith and follows the ideals of
the Dragon. More at home shrouded in mystery,
he has only made his presence felt when the Ordo
or Hulce line has been in danger. When asked why
Davion has typically replied, ‘Miss Georgiana
came rushing into the farm telling me all this
cobblers about demons and dryads, I had to come
see for me self ‘specially after the whoppers
Master Miles used to tell!’

Showing some interest in magic, script and family
histories, the retired mercenary captain is happy
to ponder away his final years peacefully on the
farmhold, yet the loyalty to the Dragon and the
unswerving duty to the Hulces seem to ensure that
those years will be less than quiet.

Gentleman’s Register,