Late August 1112

The Harts celebrate their recent victories as Arturius, Dame Mellyor and Gawain visit, each representing one of the Trinity on this plane, and congratulate the Harts on progress made regarding Milford. The Order of the Pendragon is reformed with the recovery of the final pillar and further gargoyles are recovered after an attack by one of Morgana’s barrowights. Inroads to alliances are made with the Gryphons and Dragons. The villagers afflicted by the Skipsea prophecy and disease find their minds freed as the elemental creature, Kiddel, leading them towards Londinium is lured to the Gathering and slain in the marketplace. Anastasia Morgan of the Mackintash is promoted within the Alchemists guild while the Crows of Albion make a deal with a chaos elemental, Dolorous Stroke, which causes some upset and may have further implications. Forces of Fate and Fortune and representatives of Marr the Faceless make visits over the weekend with no obvious immediate impact. Graf’s void taint, gained while sealing the Milford rift, is removed with aid from other factions and she is knighted for service to Albion. An ancient vampire escapes from the bank’s vaults and causes havoc around the ritual circle, leading to numerous rumours falsely accusing the Harts of playing a part in the subsequent flow of unliving from the void gate. Grudges with the Bears are improved as a result of the honour battle, and the Harts manage at the eleventh hour to reunite all 7 swords of Waylund and have the armourers work on improving them.