Late August 1113

The Harts attend the Gathering in Unicorn lands where a new chapter in the history of Albion begins. The Trinity manifests and with the Pendragon line weakened and unready to rule, a new royal bloodline is established as Eloise Hunter is crowned the new Queen of Albion with Hunter in ascendence within the Trinity. Dolorous Stroke, the chaos elemental, refuses to step away and cease “helping” the Harts, instead challenging them for the royal city of Winchester when pushed. With the region inpenetrable by those who oppose him, the Queen declares it no longer the seat of the throne and establishes a new royal city in Forest Glenn, recently recaptured by a daring group of Harts who saw fit to face up against Calligar, creating a new haven for Albiones. Brother Ross is made an Ancestral of the Pendragon.